• Genres: Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shoujo
    • Producer: Manglobe
  • Will start in April 2013

** there are two main (male) charas in this anime, they are Gareki and Nai. and from the preview, it really develops my fujoshi feelings hahaha since Nai is a white-hair boy, it directly reminds me of Shion from No.6. i really cant wait for this anime ><

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

    • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen
    • Producer: Studio Gokumi
  • Will start in April 2013

** about a very long haired girl with a guy who ………seems like he’s about to cut her hair but he cant for some reasons -___- a sad trailer. still confused whether to watch or not, but the trailer song is so touching

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Spring 2013 Anime TV Shows

    • Genres: Comedy, Demons, Romance, Shounen
    • Producer: Lantis, Pony Canyon, White Fox
  • Will start in April 2013

** the character reminds me of Yuuri Shibuya from God Save our king and i think the story is so much alike hahahaha im not sure about the personality of the main character, it might be another heroic male chara who will be a king or somewhat just a lazy-ass retard who is about to see his worst fate. and i do love the fact that the little boy lives with that man in apron who seems to like cooking a lot hahaha.

RDG: Red Data Girl

Spring 2013 Anime TV Shows

    • Genres: Fantasy
    • Producer: P.A. Works
  • Will start on March 16, 2013

** looks like a boring anime but the male characters are all good-looking hahaha i dont really understand with the story though hahaha and~ i cant accept the fact that such a tiny little girl is surrounded by a bunch of hot guys -_________- life is unfair

actually, i also saw several interesting shoujo animes with no trailer but from the pictures, i can tell that the stories are gonna be great hahaha

that’s all a preview from me, hope u can decide which to follow for this spring. let the spring breeze leads your soul to a path to a great anime HAHAHA



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