Title: Lost in Oxford Street

Author: nindiyeah

Length: long drabble (?)

Rating: General

Genre: boyslove, fluff, friendship

Cast: Baekhyun and Chanyeol (main), EXO and their manager (supporter)

a/n: I know nothing about EXO except Baekyeol. Mind my grammatical errors, just a piece within my business. The story is basically based on a fanacc when they were in London, well, you all must have guessed it seeing the title above 55555555~ here is a picture to help you imagining the story~ uula uula uula uula *maruko dance* ENJOY, MINNA-SAN~



“Okay, boys! Listen! I’ll give you two hours to wander around this area and have a walk in this city! Be back at 6! We’re gonna leave this city at 8 tonight! Better use your time wisely! Make sure you have partners! We all know each of us has bad English! Don’t walk alone especially for you, Baekhyun!”, our manager said in loud voice in front of us inside the bus and pointed his finger at me which made me pout. It wasn’t like I always got lost, duh!

We got out from the bus, I looked around looking for a mate, ‘ I guessed Sehun and Luhan had already left, those brats, without even asking me along! We are twins, aren’t we?’, my thought screamed anxiously. I leaned against the bus, waiting that person to come to me, at least he was my only hope at that moment.

“Hyung, come on! Don’t put on such a face! It’s Oxford Street, let’s have a walk! They have a very awesome mall!”, with his big doe eyes and bright smile, Kyungsoo dragged me with him, I saw Kai, Tao and Chen either. Five of us started window shopping around the Oxford Street. I did enjoy the view, the building and the people there were very nice, too. As the time flowed, I felt kinda boring somehow and that unwanted feeling lead my steps randomly, left my fellows behind and  I ended up just like what my manager said. Got lost.

I was inside a shopping area, there were many stores and of course people. I trailed my sight everywhere, tried to reach a glimpse of my teammates, those Koreans were quite visible in a crowd like this. But I found no one in my view. There were only big and tall foreigners around.

‘Chanyeol and Kris are big! They might blend here. I have a close sight, anyway’, my thought calmed myself down, still trying to find my teammates. It had been about thirty minutes since I got lost. My heart and body were startling uncontrollably. I wanted to scream to be honest but I needed to maintain my pride as a man. My forehead frowned and I continuously licked and bit my lips to ease my nervousness.

“CHANYEOL AH~!!!”, I shouted to someone’s back in quite a far distance from me. But unfortunately, he wasn’t Chanyeol. That person sure was as tall as him and even his hair was blonde and curly, but when he turned around, his face was sure showing that he was a native. I pouted to know that I guessed the wrong person. I remembered that Chanyeol was wearing a cap.

‘Chanyeol! Why didn’t you ask me along from the first place!’ I mumbled, almost inaudible.

“Baekhyun ah~ are you lost?”, someone talked to me in English and I happened to meet several fans there. I stared at them blankly but at least I got the lost word. I nodded my head.

see my members?”, I tried to speak their language with my limited ability in English.

They giggled hearing me speak in English with nervous face and yet teary eyes and they enthusiastically answered, “we saw Chanyeol on the upper floor just now! Could you sign my book…?”, my heart moved as I heard them mention Chanyeol’s name and pointed upper the floor above the floor I was currently in.

After giving some signatures and taking pictures, I rushed to the next floor and still found no one.

“tch~   where is he? Don’t tell me he’s not on this floor anymore!”, I ruffled my hair in rage.

Suddenly, I felt someone grabbed my right arm, that familiar and warm grab I always had whenever I was outside.

I turned my head, “Gotcha! Are you lost? You seem to be alone by yourself, Baekhyun ah~”, he grinned widely, showing his big white teeth.

‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, IDIOT!’, I was about to scream it out loud, but lucky I managed to restrain myself. “ah no~ I was just . . . . “, I lost my words. He smiled gently while ruffling my hair.

“Come with me! I gotta show you something cool from this mall!”, he held my hands and took me along with him.

I felt incredibly relief. Chanyeol is always . . . . . . .so reliable. I tightened my grip on his hand, do not want to lose this hand anymore.

“By the way, I was looking for you at the bus stop. Where had you gone? I didn’t see you there!”, I asked as we softened our pace.

He stopped smiling and looked at me in disbelief with his wide clear eyes for a few moments then he continued smiling like an idiot.

“I was~ in the bus . . . looking for the map of this area. I was about to give it to you, so that you would use the map for not getting lost but when I got off from the bus, you had gone somewhere with the other four. So I thought . . . . . you would be okay with them hahahahahaha and still, you ended up getting lost anyway.” He explained his reason with his usual cheerful smile.

‘HOMERUN!’, my heart yelled as it raced fast making my body startle again.

“Yah! You think I am that stupid to get lost so easily? I still remember where the bus is, so if I get apart from the others, I still can return to the bus, tch!”, I scolded at him, being unable to say a small ‘thanks’.

“Yes, I know! But, thinking of the scene of seeing you alone like this . . . . . I can’t help but keep being worried about your whereabouts.”, he talked back quite furiously and fastened his grip.

I looked away, hiding my blushed face. It wasn’t like I know my face was red or something, but it felt hot. I was getting all nervous and agitated, ‘why is he this mad? Is it really a matter for him not to be able to accompany me when I am alone?’. *a/n: imma cramp your brain with sock, Baekhyun-dono~ >< why are you so dense??*

“Look!”, he held my other hand and looked deep into my eyes, “I won’t try on picking any fight today, let’s just enjoy the time we have now. Stop that stupid full-of-pride-face of yours. You look dumb with that”, he beamed and dragged me to the place he wanted me to visit.

“No picking fight you said? What have u done just then?”, I finally curved my lips to form a little smile full of relief.

“Adorably cute that way!”, he replied and gave me that cheeky compliment.

“Stop saying I’m cute and start saying I’m fucking handsome!”, I slapped his shoulder and he laughed hard, but still . . . . . holding each other’s hands as if there was no tomorrow. Smiling widely behind his broad back, we ran to somewhere nice, exploring the peaceful district of Oxford Street.




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